How soon before my wedding do I book a makeup artist?

Brides can book their wedding dates as soon as they know their date. It is never too soon to lock in your makeup artist!


How soon should I book my bridal trial before the wedding day?

I recommend doing your trial closer to the wedding date (within 2-3 months of it). However, I do request that when you schedule your trial you give me a few months notice. I cannot guarantee immediate availability for a bridal trial on the date that you want it as we typically book out 4-6 months in advance. We will work together to find a date that works for both of us for your trial but scheduling it in advance is highly recommended.


How should I prepare for my makeup trial?

Please come with a clean bare face and moisturized skin. If you come from somewhere and are wearing makeup I can provide you with a cleanser and moisturizer. You can also bring photos for inspiration!


Can I bring in some of my own products for the trial?

Yes, that is no problem. You know your skin best and if you have certain products you love I would be happy to use them on you.


Do you provide services for all skin types and colors?

Absolutely. I am a licensed esthetician and will cater to skin of all types and tones.


How long will my bridal trial be?

Bridal trials are about 2 hours. During your trial we will consult in depth about what you do and don’t like about certain makeup looks and we will find a custom look that will fit your vision for yourself on your wedding day best. We will also discuss all of the lash options and find the best fit for you. I like to use trials to get to know my bride and learn about their overall vision for their day.


Are trials for brides only?

Going forward Devon will only offer trials to booked brides. Our other DevEsthetics artists offer trials for brides and/or bridal party members such as bridesmaids, MOB, MOG, and others.


How long do you need for bridal makeup on the day of my wedding?

Bridal makeup typically takes an hour and a half the day of your wedding. This allows extra time to make sure the bride’s makeup is more than perfect.


How long do you need for bridesmaids/moms/other makeup clients?

For bridesmaids and other clients, we schedule an hour for each makeup.


Can I pay in advance for makeup services for my wedding day?

Yes you can, but payment has to be paid in full.


How can I pay for services?

Venmo is the only form of payment for bridal makeup services we accept. If paid on the day of the wedding, cash or Venmo can be the only accepted form of payment. Checks are not an acceptable form of payment.


Is there a minimum number of people required for on site makeup?

Yes, there is a requirement of a minimum of 5 people for bridal makeup services. If you would like to book for 5 or less people, I offer smaller bridal groups or brides only. Please inquire for more information!


Will you hold my wedding date once inquired about?

Wedding dates are not held for anyone without a signed contract and a paid deposit. Due to the high volume of bridal inquiries, we cannot hold dates.


When is my contract due?

The contract must be signed and sent back via email to confirm your date. If you are unsure of details such as location, timing, etc. when signing your contract please just let us know and we can organize those details at a later date.


What are your travel fees?

Travel fees vary depending on the location being traveled to, how many artists are traveling to you, and the date of your wedding/event (holiday weekends, etc.).


Do you do destination weddings/destination makeup?

Yes! I have done destination makeup in various places such as Colorado, Georgia, Virginia, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, and Florida.


Is gratuity included in your pricing list?

Gratuity is not included in my prices and is entirely at the client’s discretion.


Do you create a schedule for the day of the event?

Yes, we create a makeup timeline with an arrival time, time slots per head, and a ready time. Typically timelines are sent out a month before your wedding to confirm how many heads, ready time, etc.


Is there anything I need to do to be ready for your services on the day of?

Please prepare an open space with table space near outlets, preferably by natural light such as a window. I do bring my own lighting, but I prefer to be in as much natural light as possible!


Am I responsible if someone in my bridal party backs out at the last minute?

Yes, this is in the contract. You must confirm the number of clients that are receiving makeup services when you send your contract back. You can always increase the amount of heads, but never decrease or you will have to pay the difference per your signed contract.


Can you accommodate day-of add ons?

If the time allows, I am happy to accommodate any additional add ons, but we do only have a certain amount of time. If there is enough time after everyone who was originally on the contract to have makeup services done, and only if myself or another artist with me is available to stay longer, then we will gladly accommodate!


What does my deposit cover?

Your deposit covers your bridal makeup on the day of your wedding, and your master artist travel fee. It holds your date as well. All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable.


Do you offer discounts?

I do not offer discounts. Please inquire for a price list for your wedding date.


Will you bring additional artists/stylists? Does that cost extra?

Any party sizes larger than 5 heads I will bring additional makeup artists with me. There is no additional charge for a second or third makeup artist other than their travel fee. If you have a bridal party of 10 or more girls receiving makeup, I will likely bring an assistant to help, in which there is an assistant fee. An assistant is there to help the day run smoothly, they collect payment, apply lip touch ups, help with set up and break down, and more. This fee varies depending on the amount of clients receiving makeup services, please inquire for pricing.


Why does the bride cost more than a bridesmaid or guest?

I spend more time on the bride because the bride is who needs to stand out the most and have the most time and detail spent on them. All clients will have plenty of attention to detail on them, but the bride is given extra time and attention.


Do you offer airbrush make-up?

I do not offer airbrush makeup, I prefer traditional makeup techniques and feel as though it can give the same affect of an airbrushed look.


Do you have any tips for touch-ups throughout the day and night?

If you’d like to purchase lip liner and lipstick to keep for the day, I can tell you what colors and brands to get ahead of time. I highly recommend my “Stay For The Day” package. Makeup can last over 24 hours, but outside elements such as rain, humidity, and high temperatures are out of our control and can all affect your makeup and your hair.


Can I hire you for touch-ups throughout the event?

Yes, I offer a “Stay For The Day” package that can be customized to have me stay until your photos, your ceremony, your reception, or all night. The amount of time you hire me to stay for is entirely up to you.


Custom makeup look to fit your personal preference and style. Price includes false lashes.

Master Artist: $165

Artist: $150+

Duration: 1.5 Hours


Basic Everyday Makeup Lesson

Want to master your everyday makeup look? This one is for you! We go over the basics of everyday makeup application for the average working person as well as go over products used.

Price: $200

Time: 2 hours

Glam Makeup Lesson

Want to master your own event makeup? This ones for you! We go over everything glam including the basics of your makeup, false lash application, tips on keeping your makeup long wearing, and makeup products meant for photos!

Price: $300

Time: 3 hours

Group Makeup Lesson

Want to learn how to get glammed with your best group of friends? This is a demo type class. You and your closest gals can take notes, ask questions, take pictures, watch up close, and try for yourself during this makeup class. Please consult for pricing, availability, and size of class.

Price: Inquire for pricing

Makeup Masterclass

This lesson is for working makeup artists to sharpen their skills (also open to aspiring makeup artists). We will dive deep into different techniques for every face shape, skin type, skin tone, etc. as well as go over some business skills for this line of work!

Price: Inquire for pricing

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